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How long does the hair need to be to have my legs waxed?
Between 2-3 weeks after shaving. The hair need to be about a quarter of an inch or half a centimeter long.


What is an advanced bikini wax?
A Brazilian wax leaves a vertical strip of hair approx 4-6cm wide. A Hollywood wax is all the hair removed from the entire area.


Is Electrolysis permenant?
Yes, but the treatment is gradual and progressive as the hairs weaken after each treatment, it depends on the strength of the hair as to how many treatments are needed.


What is Indian Head Massage?
It is a form of massage carried out with you sat in a chair. It concentrates on the shoulders, neck, face and scalp using essential oils. It can be performed on top of clothes or on bare skin.


What is the difference between the Ayurvedic massage and the Deep Tissue Massage?
Ayurvedic massage is an Indian ritual that helps to balance the mind and body with soothing, flowing movements using oils. Following the treatment you will feel energised and uplifted.
The Deep tissue massage is performed with essential oils working on the whole body or back only. The massage can be slightly firmer helping with muscle pain and tension.


Whats the difference between a basic manicure and a deluxe manicure?
Both manicures include file, polish, cuticle work, hand cream and exfoliator. In the deluxe manicure your hands are cocooned in hot mitts giving a more nourishing effect. Also includes a hand and arm massage.


How do I print my gift voucher?
When you receive your confirmation e-mail underneath the heading ‘products’  there will be a link to open the voucher which you can click and print.  If you do not receive confirmation e-mail in your inbox please check your ‘spam’ and ‘junk’ mail boxes.


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