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At The Beauty Spot, we stock the latest make up kits and products from bareMinerals.


About bareMinerals

bareMinerals started the revolution in mineral makeup with the introduction of our award-winning 100% pure bareMinerals.

bareMinerals use only the finest quality ingredients in their products to give you all the coverage you want without any harsh chemicals your skin doesn’t need. Their proprietary bareMinerals formula represents the ideal mix of makeup and skincare: problem solving cosmetics that perfect & pamper the complexion.

All the products are free of preservatives, talc, oil, waxes and other harmful chemicals, bareMinerals provides impeccable coverage for every skin type, skin tone, and concern yet it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing any makeup at all.

bareMinerals have introduced pressed and liquid foundations. Also a tinted moisturiser with a SPF 30 into the range to complete their collection.

Below are some pictures of our own work using all bareMineral products 



What makes bareMinerals makeup so special?

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